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Slashing and Firebreaks 

Acrespaces can cater for all your grass slashing, brush cutting and mowing needs in and around Perth. 

Whether it be slashing of a paddock, field, vacant block of land, orchard, vineyard, caravan park, school, hobby farm, holiday home, commercial property or simply tidying up and getting your property fire season ready, we can help you. We cover urban and rural areas around Perth. 

We can also assist with all your firebreak needs.

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Pasture and Paddock Care

We can assist you with a range of services and products to establish, improve or maintain your pastures and paddocks. 

Many small farm paddocks and pastures lack regular fertiliser and nutrients to promote healthy growth and soil nutrition. 

We can work with you to improve your soil, spread fertiliser, sow or resow grass seeds to improve or even establish a pasture. We also offer other pasture and general farm care services.

Get in touch today with your needs and we will be happy to assist.

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Other Services 

Since there are so many tasks both urban and rural it is nearly impossible for us to list it all on this site. Many of our customers are unaware that we do a lot more than just work with machines. For example we can help with tillage service for that vegetable garden that you want, create new garden beds and improve your soil.

Maybe you just need a hand in fixing your boundary fence or need a handyman to do a few things around your property so please feel free to ask us if we can assist.