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Slashing, Mowing and Firebreaks Notices

At Acrescapes we have provided firebreak mitigation services since 2017 and we still continue to serve the needs of our clients in Perth with vacant block grass cutting and mowing to ensure compliance in accordance with the Australian Bushfire Act.

Whether it be whipper snipping a 100 square meter area or mowing an acre block we aim to help each property owner.

Please note that during the firebreak season we are not able to provide quotes as we receive multiple enquiries, sometimes up to 30 per day. We will be able to provide you with a rough price guide of what the average block cost to mow or an hourly rate but each block is unique and it depends on the level of the block, size, vegetation and also the terrain. Turned up blocks with soft sand, thick vegetation and deep ruts will take much longer for example than a small level block with only dry grass and no obstacles on it.


While we cover most of Perth and surrounding areas we are based north of the river and do a lot of work in the City of Wanneroo, City of Joondalup and City of Stirling. 

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